Grey Lynn - Richmond Rovers Touch

Venue: Grey Lynn Park

Night of the Week: Friday

Season Duration: 14

Season Date: 29 Oct to 10 Dec 2021 (Break) 14 Jan to 3 March 2022

Playing Time Slots: 6:00pm 6:40pm 7:20pm

Grades: Masters, Mens, Mixed (Open and Social)

Capacity: 16

Affiliated To: Richmond Rovers RL, Auckland Touch & Touch NZ

Entry Fee for Team: $600

Deposit: $50 * Unless Invoice or payment arrangement is made

Playing Rules: Standard FIT Touch Rules apply. 4/2 Male/Female Split in Mixed. 1 point for a Women's Try

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Other Information:

Contact Person: Grant Medcalf or Graeme Wallace

Mobile Number: 027 666 5668

Email Address:

Bank Account: 12 3053 0608734 00 Reference: Team Name - Greylynn- Payee Name

Park Name: Grey Lynn Park

Street Address: Dryden Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland                        

Map Link: Click Here